Exclusive real estate

Our vocation is to offer exceptional properties, which our owner clients entrust to us in exclusivity, and exclusively in exclusivity!

Out exclusivity is the guarantee that we offer you to put all the means to achieve as quickly as possible the realization of your sale or rental project. It is a guarantee of efficiency, a reflection of our total commitment to the care given to the goods entrusted to us.

For more than 30 years, our sole objective has been to satisfy sellers and buyers, in a climate of total confidence that the exclusive mandate embodies.

Confidence is contagious; it’s what makes us grow. This is how we see our profession!

Selling at the right price, keeping both seller and buyer informed and providing advice, these are our 3 commitments to your satisfaction.

Our three main areas of intervention are:

Exceptional properties in Paris and the Paris region for sale, management or rental: buildings, apartments, mansions
Prestigious properties, castles for those who long for beautiful stones
Burgundy resort for all those looking for a green corner to recharge their batteries

Our team is based near the properties we offer, in Paris, Lyon and Burgundy. They are perfectly acquainted with the market in which they operate. In the case of transaction mandates, each of us is at your disposal to estimate your property for sale, show it to potential buyers and inform owners and buyers in the most transparent way possible.

L’exception française by CARACTEREis a real estate agency emanating from CARACTERE international, an agency specializing in the sale and rental of real estate in Mauritius: residential real estate (villas, apartments, penthouses), professional premises (offices, warehouses, etc.) , hotels and restaurants (premises and / or businesses).


Sale of residential real estate

Whether you are an owner or a buyer, we are at your disposal to understand your needs and determine the means necessary for its realization as soon as possible.

Rental and rental management

Looking for a property to rent, for yourself or your loved ones: discover our rental offer!

You are owners and you want to entrust the rental management of your property to professionals who respects their commitments: contact us !